ROXClaw 3 Set


ROXClaw is a connector with 3 different adapters to fix you ROX to any object for an interactive training experience in all settings.

 Compatible with ROX, ROXPro and ROXProX


All items that come along with the ROXClaw 3 set
  • 3 x ROXClaw
  • 3 x Adapter with 4 suction cups for max reliability
  • 3 x Adapter with velcro + 9 velcro patches for max flexibility
  • 3 x Adapter with pole connector + 6 silicone protected straps


3 different adapters:
• Velcro: for quick & easy fix to walls.
• Suction cup: for quick & easy fix to mirrors, windows and other smooth surfaces.
• Pole connector: with 2 size adjustable silicone protected straps to fix to poles
Quick release adapter mechanism

  • Material: ABS, Polyester, Silicone
  • Complies to EU harmful substances requirements

Product Measurements 11cm x 11 cm x 6.5cm

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